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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Women would kill for eyebrows like that

I had some pictures taken of me a month ago.  Bam, age has hit.  Massive crinkles all under my eyes.  We don't know how our bodies are going to age.  It hit me with a smack.  At first, I looked up laser surgery.  Who am I kidding I thought.  Then, I went to Target and bought some promises in a bottle.   I spent quite a bit and I am not sure it will get me anywhere.  Finally, I settled on getting my eyebrows threaded.  I hadn't had them worked on in a few years. I thought this might make me feel refreshed.  I stopped in and was welcomed by a pleasant woman ready to have at it.  It hurts.  I casually gripped my hand in an iron fist.  "Much better, you are beautiful."  They were! I felt like a movie star.  She then asked (in an obvious more like a statement tone), "above your lip?"  Yes, yes, I am gifted with hair.  I spent far less than Target and I already looked awesome. I trotted home ready to arch my eyes and look mysterious.  No one said anything.  I looked my husband in the eyes and willed him to be stunned by my transformation.  I was kind of hoping for a reaction like the one from Breakfast Club when she pulls her hair back and cleans up her eyebrows:
  Yes, there was no stopping of time or breath. It was really more like this: My daughter finally noticed and was excited for me. My guy: Oh, now that you mention it, it does look good. Well, it was cheaper than laser.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here's my number so come and chat with me

What's up with you?  I haven't talked in this venue for a while.  If you are reading this, how was your summer?  I would love to sit on my porch and chat, drink limeade and eat some guacamole.  We would talk about whatever as we watched the light in the trees.  If you want I will make this for you when you come by my house. Anything awesome you did?  We were too involved with dance and soccer at the start.  At the end, I had to seize summer.  So, we went swimming, hiking, fountain dancing, crafting and museuming (yeah that's a word).  I have written things in my head, but I have yet to put much to paper.  So, I will try to give a snap shot of now.
  • I am able to run 7-8 miles.  A joyful miracle.
  • I tried running REALLY barefoot last week--not on grass. Blisters everywhere. Duh.
  • I have re-experienced the joy of summer play.  Adults need to do that more often.  I call y'all to do mermaid in pool, bike at night, go down the slides and look at stars.  Wonderful. Or go camp and make s'mores.
  • I have been reading lots of trash--YA ridiculous.  I don't always fess up to it on my goodreads profile.  I like it pretty light in the summer.
  • I do not believe anything helpful is said on FB regarding politics.  However, people can be so asinine I want to get into it.
  • I breathed Olympics for two weeks.  Many of those days were at a family reunion.  It was so fun yelling at the tv in a group.  Sports can still make me cry.
  • I have been doing a farm co-op.  We may not be much healthier, but we have a lot of fruit flies for trying.
  • My eleven-year-old thinks I dress lame, school sucks and church is boring.  Yeah, did I mention she is 11 1/2?  Most of the time, she is great. I am sensing a shift in age.
  • Because of my daughter, I know all about One Direction, Rhianna and all sorts of candy for the ears.  Yeah, call me maybe does make me dance.  I'm totally over trying to just know obscure, super cool songs.  It's all top-40 from here on out ;)
  • I have been swearing more lately.  Not sure why.  I have been dusting off some oldies-but-goodies lately.  So, I got to get that together.
  • Our house is done in the basement.  If that doesn't make you cheer, I need to do a photo re-cap. All of our permits have been taken care of.  Jumping and cheering.
  • Reading this, wow kind of shallow I think.  I am telling the truth and not going to run from it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thank you Eleanor!

Recently, I read a book about Eleanor Roosevelt.  It was one of the standard books you might see today. A semi-decent writer spent a year exploring the life of Eleanor Roosevelt.  We have seen this theme before.  I loved learning about her (Eleanor). She was constantly learning, evolving and challenging herself.  Within the book, the author decides to do something which makes her scared/afraid each day.  I didn't want to cheapen the experience, so I decided to take on one big challenge.

When I was younger, I was not coordinated.  I still am not.  I could not master a jumping jack until I was a teen.  Neen, my older sister, would say I never did.  When gym class did jump rope relays I was picked last.   In my mind, I wanted to be a beautiful ballerina.  I did not have the opportunity when I was younger.  Now,  I am aware of how much a lack.  I decided to embrace Eleanor's challenge and take an adult ballet class.  What a learning opportunity. Hands, feet, arms, thighs and head must all be symmetrical. They must move through careful attention to detail.  In a strange way, it seems mathematical to me.

As I work at the bar, I feel like a bird or a dancer in an intense ballet movie. When I look in the mirror, I look more like sharp angles struggling to make shapes. It conjures every thought you would have of awkwardness.  I cannot even move half as much as my talented teacher.  She is beautiful to watch.  Every finger and toe is graceful.  Her turnout is so wonderful, I sometimes get her left and right foot mixed-up.  Because everyone is an adult, I don't feel shame.  I don't wait to be picked last. Instead, I am pretending and having a great time.

Today is my birthday and I am requiring change of myself.  So, I am stepping out of my comfort zone.  I am trying to mildly attempt the introduction of fear in my life. Perhaps I will do it more on a yearly basis.  There may not be a recital, but I will try to show you my awesome barre work.